11.The Swedish government is directly involved in Genocide in South Africa

The Swedish government is directly involved in Genocide in South Africa, by selling 56 swedish fighter jets to an ANC government which refuses Aids treatment for 5 million south africans.

The refusal of medical Aids treatment since 1994 is well documented in the south african and international press; the purchase of the 56 jet fighters proves that the south african government has the money to buy into the medical companies which make the aids treatments, to treat the Aids sufferers.

Furthermore the ANC has control from so much money received from abroad, such has DONATED by Sweden every year, that even the ANC party has the funds to buy into the medical companies.

The ANC leaders have become multi trillionaires and they personally also have the money required to buy into the medical companies.

But 5 million people are dying because the government refuses to treat them, and another 5 million are becoming infected.

Funds are donated for South Africa have not benefited the people, and have disappeared from sight, benefiting those leaders which control the bank accounts.

The town of Benoni has about 1 million people; with 5 million out of 40 million with Aids, it means the town of Benoni has about 125 000 people with Aids; but no public hospital! how is the government going to roll out any treatment campaign without an hospital? the government does not want to treat the people, it even tried to kill people with Aids, using Virodene.


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